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Director, Writer, and Editor 




A filmmaker that wishes anime to rule the world! 


My Demo Reel


Over the course in my experience on Directing, Writing, and Editing, I've come to learn that the more you do on what you love, the more you are able to understand the concept of being able to tell a story in your own best, creative way, possible. My Demo Reel will show you the projects that I have worked on over the years to show the sense of idea on how I direct my films 


My Director Reel

As I continue to learn and experience storytelling, I look foward and continue to push onward to show my dedication from anime to films. My inspriations are highly inspried from eastern film cultures and I wish to connect my audience through a different means of storytelling. My Director Reel will showcase a list of projects that I have worked on that are inspired by anime


My Impact

Over the years of being a social media presence, an anime lover, a gamer, and my unrequited love for filmmaking, has brought me to realize that I have the power to engage and impact someone’s life through storytelling! Having that creativity to control someone’s emotions and being able to give the audience life lessons can truly be fascinating! I wouldn't have it any other way, I simply wish to make someone smile


My Artist Statement

As an inspiring director and anime geek, I strive to entertain an audience with my creativity through films. I believe I can accomplish that for the reason that I have so much love and interest with eastern film cultures. Storytelling has the amazing capacity to articulate the ideas and thoughts so profoundly that it could rightfully give a small or big impact to your life. I do it because I want to see people smile, and I’ll accomplish that through making films that can compel you to laugh, cry, be sad, be thoughtful, and much more

"Storytelling has the fundamental ability to impact your life" -

Roberto Dunaway [Yes, I quoted myself]



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